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  • 新GaNビークルテスト走行 A new GaN vehicle test run


A new GaN vehicle test run


In the field of EVs, full-sized and high-power specialty cars, such as several Tesla models, have been in the spotlight. However, because EVs are not suited for long drives in general, we believe this characteristic makes them a suitable power source for A-segment vehicle applications.

Smart EQは小さいながらもさすがに欧州車ならでは存在感がたっぷりで見ているだけでその気にさせられる。乗り込んでステアリングを握ってみても、いいなあと思わせる雰囲気に溢れている。

Smart EQ, despite its small size, has a strong presence that is typical of European cars. Just looking at it might be enough to get you in the mood to drive. When you get into the car and hold the steering wheel, its nice atmosphere will satisfy you.


Despite its low sound insulation, we can barely hear electrical noise from the motor and inverter, and we never feel the cheapness of an A-segment car.


When we start driving, a linear response to the accelerator pedal underlines the "unity of rider and horse," and the vehicle is truly easy to handle as a daily companion for nimble driving around town.

今回、Smart EQをベース車両としたコンバージョンしたGaNビークルを製作し、テスト走行を実施した。

We made a converted GaN vehicle based on Smart EQ and conducted a test run.

GaNインバータを搭載したコンバージョンビークルの走り味は、まだトルクやパワーが制限されているが、IGBTインバータ搭載されているSmart EQと遜色のないリニア感がある。

The conversion vehicle equipped with a GaN inverter still has limited torque and power but it has a linear feeling comparable to Smart EQ equipped with an IGBT inverter.


As the performance of GaN inverters improves and all-solid-state batteries are adopted to reduce the weight, we can expect the vehicle to exhibit eco-friendly and powerful driving dynamics. We look forward to the day when we can drive around town in these compact cars, as the practical application of GaN inverters will inevitably increase in popularity.